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QNA (by Anya)

I'm sorry Bae, it's late coz u know lah, -lazy- and, here we go->
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there are 30 questions by Anya, and maybe i'll not answer all :p

1. Meaning behind your url: Nothing, cuma nyari yang simple dan mudah di ingat. Wat doyou think fellas? mudah diingat kah? ><

2. Biggest weakness: Easy o get angry, be careful if u with me (?)
3. Biggest strength:  Nobody perfcet ;) fix, i exactly, i don't know
4. Piercings you have: 2
5. Favourite band: One Direction, Little Mix, Coldplay
6. Last dream you had: it's been long story
7. Phobia: tryphobia, I HATE
8. Favourite movie: Big Hero 6, Alvin and The Chipmunks etc
9. Colour of your hair: Black
10. Favourite model: ---
11. Cats or dog: Cat
13. Favourite holiday: Libur lebaran
14. The last thing you ate: Pecel
15. Your lucky number: (?)
16. Your name: Aisyah Salsabila Hafidzoh
17. Piercings you want: Bandana
18. Idea of the perfect date: Go to beach
19. 5 things you hate: Bad internet connection, Waiting, gadget lemot, polusi, motor yang berisik (?)
20. 5 things you love: MySelf , Family, my sweet house, Natural, traveling
21. A random fact: WARNING!! I'M STALKER
22. Favourite item of jewellery: Bracelet
23. Favourite body feature: Lips
24. Tattoos you want: Don't ask
25. Favourite blogs: Mine, yours, and all cute blogs
26. What i love about my self: Kepo and smileee
27. What i hate about my self: Susah begaul
28. Favourite Book: Ulysess moore, St. Clare, etc
29. Sweet or salted popcorn: Salted popcorn
30. Someone you miss: My best Bae ever

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5 komentar:

  1. Little mix? Whoah? Dah denger secret love songs? Kakak gada model fav?

    1. woah bener, mager. no model, masbulo??

  2. Ratih di tag nihh?? Maaf baru tau..